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Hannah. 16 year old American who partakes in the fandoms of Sherlock, Doctor Who, WTNV, Star Trek, Harry Potter, and the Hobbit. By partake I mean obsessively reblog all pics, gifs, and statements relating to them. If you also love David Tennant and Benedict Cumberbatch and want to gently caress them and whisper how amazing, talented, and gorgeous they are then yes follow me. If not meh.
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when u starin at your crush and they catch u


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When i was in the car, the top 500 were playing on the radio and a Bon Jovi song came on. My dad and brother were all like, “Ugh, why are they so high up on the list?”

I decided to seize the moment and say,


And then, like a personal little reward, Carry On Wayward Son came on next.

You were heard and rewarded for your faith

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Saw this outside a church on the weekend in Melbourne. Happy to see times are changing, might be slow, but at least there is change.



one time I was working at Dolly Parton’s water park as a photographer in the lazy river, and taking pictures and what not and I look up and see this very familiar black man floating in a tube toward me. 
and it is Akon.  So I’m like ‘hey Akon would you like a picture with your family today?’ He is all like ‘no thank you sweetie’ and I was all “well you have a good day, Akon” 
he said you too and floated on.  

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Message: hi, this is random but I'm an aspiring singer/actor/dancer/doctor/astronaut/pianist/chef/FBI agent and it would mean the world to me if you would check out my site
Me: *delete*


life is hard when you’re shy and just below average looking

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that’s a real fancy way of saying “I’m a huge geek”

i’m using this phrase from now on



i’ve never seen something so accurate

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On the next “Thorested Development” (x)

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